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A Year in the Life Pt. 12 & NYE

Wow! A year gone already? 2017 flew by! Can’t wait to make more of these videos in 2018! This was a year of excitement, adventure, and growth (not physically obviously as I am 4’11”). I am intrigued to see what this upcoming year has in store for me. Take a look at my final video for 2017 below! 

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Bublé


For 2018, I am excited to announce that I will be adding a “1 thing I’ve learned” and “1 thing I can improve on” section along with my monthly video posts! This way, I can not only watch the adventures, but can focus on ways I can become a better person.

Why not start a little early? On NYE I did a lot of thinking and this is what I have learned coming into the new year.

A little self control can go a long way – I mean this in any way one can interpret it. From restraining yourself from drinking too much on a night out after a bad day, to saying “no” when someone you know who is just using you hits you up. Having self control will not only boost your confidence, but will make you more enticing. I learned this from one man I made plans with who cancelled on me FIVE minutes before we were supposed to meet up. YES, five minutes. Me a month ago would have let it happen and given him the free pass, but new me ignored him and did not give him the time of day. After that, he has non stop sent me messages about hanging out and how sorry he is. HA! Nice try 🙂 

And this is what I aim to improve on in the month of January.

Focus on myself more – This was part of my New Years resolution that I really want to empathize as it is the most important personal goal for me to reach. In 2017, I was too emotionally available with others. I get easily attached to people and put my trust in them too quickly.  This year, I am going to put myself first. Like I said in my previous post, anyone who is actually worth your time will put the effort into seeing you.

P.S. Better late than never right? Here’s what I wore on New Years to celebrate!

Get this look:

Shoes from Macy’s 

Skirt and top from Hollister

As for makeup I focused on using my new Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette that I absolutely adore! 

This palette adds the perfect amount of sparkle to any occasion. I did a smokey cat eye look for New Years Eve. Started the base with a hint of red to go with my top, with a focus of gold and black for that smokey eye.


Hope everyone had a safe and lovely New Years! 






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