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Site Seeing in the Beautiful City of Boston!


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Couldn’t have thought of a better way to start off Thanksgiving break than a day in Boston! To start off the day, we took a casual stroll in the Boston Garden. Luckily for us, it wasn’t too hot ‘nor too cold. I just adored walking over the leaves in the cool, chilly weather and hearing them crunch every step taken. The colors of the leaves were absolutely outstanding and the air had such a crisp fall-like scent that I couldn’t get enough of.

Next off, we walked all the way over to Fenway Park (talk about a walk!). But all in all, it was worth it. We walked around the whole stadium. Even though I live in Massachusetts, I looked like a total tourist as I’ve never been to Fenway Park. Yes, I’m 16 and haven’t been to a baseball game, but one day… one day I will. 
After walking around the whole stadium, we shopped on Newbury Street (in other words, shopping paradise!). This place was just stores on stores on stores! From little boutiques to high fashion brands, on Newbury Street you can find just about anything. Along with the abundance of stores, it is filled with delicious restaurants. What are YOU  in the mood for? Well on Newbury Street, you can fulfill just about any of your hunger needs! I would say definitely a place to visit. 
Near Newbury Street, there is a little area called Commonwealth Avenue. If i was to describe this is one word? GORGEOUS. The colors of the fall truly popped on this street- red, orange, and yellow surrounded us. Conveniently, there were piles of leaves along the walkway, so we might’ve turned into 5 year olds for a little bit and jumped in the leaves. (We even did slow motion videos of us throwing leaves in the air- TRY IT, it’s so cool 🙂 ). I can even picture this area during the other seasons, like the winter. I imagine the fluffy snow everywhere I look, so this is a place to be visited all year round. 

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LUNCH TIME! 🙂 By 1 o’clock, our stomach’s were surely roaring! My sister who lived in Boston for four years led us to this delightful burrito place near Emerson College- Boloco. At Boloco, you can get anything from a Mexican burrito to a chicken teriyaki style burrito…. yuuummmmmmy! To devour our delicious lunch, we walked about 10 minutes to the Charles River. We munched on our burrito’s while taking in such a breath taking view! 

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After lunch, we toured around Beacon Hill. This area reminded me of a British- styled neighborhood in the middle of an American city. Such a beautiful area to just walk around in. Not much I can say about this area as it was simply a lovely neighborhood to walk around. Shortly after, we visited the State House which was also fascinating. Love history? The state house is a perfect place to see while walking along the Freedom Trail. 
Night time came along, and we ended up near where we began. We briefly walked in the Boston Commons and one aspect that stood out to me was the amount of squirrels there were! They were all so cute, fat, and jumpy as they ran around the whole area. Also, we went to a little something called the Frog Pond where you can ice skate! Too bad it was too warm to do so 😦 
Later on, we walked all the way to Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall. Surprise to us, the Christmas lights were already set up. A few things I love: chocolate, Leonardo DiCaprio, Disney, and CHRISTMAS! So this was a VERY exciting moment for me. The lights were everywhere I looked and we came just in time for a light show! It was a spectacular sight. We did a little shopping and went to the Christmas tree. Even though Thanksgiving hasn’t even occurred yet, all the bright lights brought the Christmas spirit! (At least to me). 

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After passing through Quincy Market, we walked through Little Italy to grab some dinner. We ended up in a restaurant called Al Dente. The prices weren’t too bad! I can easily say that you got your whole money’s worth! (I would suggest sharing a meal due to the portion size, but it was surely delicious!). 

Let me just say this: you CANNOT go to Boston without enjoying some pastries at Mike’s Pastry on Hanover Street. The number of different pastries and deserts to choose from makes you want to get them all! From so many different canolis to a variety of cakes and brownies, this place is a MUST go. We enjoyed our pastries at the Boston Harbor where we sat on benches and admired the planes flying over us. 
To end the night, we looked at the seals at the Boston Aquarium. THEY WERE ADORABLE. The seals kept bobbing their heads above the water, then sinking to the bottom, and repeating that cycle. I couldn’t stop looking at those cuties. We walked a whopping 12.5 miles!!! My feet felt like they were going to fall off, but it was well worth it. All I can say is that the city lights at night is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. 

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