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Accept Yourself or Be Accepted?

Is it better to be accepted by yourself,

Or to be accepted by everyone else?

Well, let’s compare:

By being content with who you are,

You know your boundaries and don’t reach too far.

Or you know your boundaries and never stop going,

Make good choices,

And keep your own rhythm flowing.

With confidence,

You aren’t easily manipulated.

You don’t care what anyone thinks of who you love or what you love to do,

You just stay true to you.

If you are desperate to be accepted by society,

 You lose your own individuality,

Your own feelings become less of a priority.

You shape into the mold society has “perfected”,

You do whatever it takes,

No matter whom you’ve neglected.

By making yourself seem big,

You make others seem small.

You don’t stand up for your beliefs,

Ultimately living in a world of grief.

So would you rather accept yourself,

Or live to be accepted by everyone else?

Christine Hachem 


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