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California Stop 8: Seaport Village

Stop 8: last but not least… Seaport Village!

This shopping area in San Diego was the family’s last stop on our trip. Unlike Old Town, Seaport Village is a typical modern shopping area with a lot of boutiques and stores (like Cape Cod for followers from the East coast).

For a shopper like me, I enjoyed this place a lot as there was plenty of brands that I was not familiar with that had extremely cute accessories and clothes. In addition to this, there was also name brands like Roxy that made this day a very successful shopping experience. Also, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from! Here are some of my findings that I absolutely loved 🙂 

Unfortunately, I obviously couldn’t stay in Cali forever, so the next morning the family and I headed back home. It was an amazing experience and if you ever get a chance to visit California, make sure to stop by these places! I hope everyone’s summer was a summer to remember!


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