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Step 6: GRADUATION!!!!!!

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The day finally came. I could not believe it. I was done with high school. All those late nights doing homework. All those teachers I could not stop complaining about. All the endless, pointless assignments. All the painful heartbreak. All the bullying and torture. It was done. All of this I won’t miss, but cannot forget because it all made me who I am today. 


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All those late night adventures, parties, and football games. All those teachers who made me stronger and taught me so much not only about the curriculum, but about life as well. All those endless laughs with friends. All the friends and family who helped me through tough times that I never would have been able to handle on my own. This as well was done. All of this I will miss and gladly remember through my college years. 

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The past 18 years have been extraordinary. Yes tough times were thrown at me and I still suffer from mental illnesses, but I am extremely proud of the woman I have become. I am done with the first chapter of my life and I feel very prepared to tackle the next chapter.

If you are still in high school, remember to enjoy it. It may seem never ending now, but when you graduate, you will feel as if it was not long enough. Freshman year, I ONLY cared about grades, and honestly, I should have let loose a little like I did senior year. I’m not saying let your grades drop, but I am saying to have fun and go out. Don’t always stress out like I did my first two years… let loose! Enjoy it while it lasts because you will miss it when you’re done!!



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