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Dear entering high school seniors…


Dear entering high school seniors,

Don’t stress. Senior year is NOT as scary as it sounds. You’re almost there. Think about it: the SATs (or ACTs) are done. The college tours are (almost) done. You have an idea of where you want to go. ¾ of the grades are in. Take a breath.

When I was a freshman in high school, I was the “go to school”, “get extra help”, “go home” “study”, “eat”, “sleep”, and “repeat” kind of girl. Did that result with straight A’s? Well… yes, but did that result with a happy mind? Well… not really. I didn’t go out or really socialize at all. Okay I had amazing grades and I felt great about that, but I did not know how to professionally talk to someone or hold a conversation very well. I never experienced new things like going to parties. No, partying is not the only thing I missed out on. Yes, I admit it’s fun, but there are many other opportunities I missed out on. For example, sporting events, beach trips, drive-ins, girls nights out, etc.

I decided to become more social the summer before junior year and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I went out to a party every once in awhile and let loose. I’m not saying to drop everything and party, but I’m saying to take some time to yourself and figure out who you truly are because a letter does not define you.

Obviously, in the end school does come first, but don’t obsess over every grade you receive, test you take, or essay you write. Focus on your mental health and finding yourself. It will prepare you for college more than your 5 minute math pop quiz that you failed and stressed out over.

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