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Cali Day Three: Disneyland!

I’m a Disney fanatic so I could not go to California and not go to Disneyland. Such a fantastic day as I believe that you cannot be anything but happy there! 

We started off in the Disneyland park at Tomorrowland – my favorite area in all of Disney. We rode Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Tomorrowland Speedway, and Space Mountain. Space Mountain has a Star Wars theme and it made the experience that much more magical. Also, I am a pro at Buzz Lighter Astro Blasters imgres.jpgand here are some tips that can help improve your score!

1. Know the value of your targets – some are worth more than others! Triangles are worth the most with 10,000 points each hit.

2. Once you find a target that is worth a lot, do not move! Keep firing to maximize points. 

3. Always fire! You receive 100 points for every five times that you fire, even if you miss the target. 

4. Know where the bonus targets are located. 

Backside of the robot’s hand in the first room.

Behind the moving saw blade of the spaceship in the first room.

In the second room, find the triangles on the back of the circle of moving aliens, right as you enter the room.

Shoot the target on the outside of the jack-in-the-box to open the box, then hit the triangle on the alien that pops out.

On the walls of the dark starry tunnel, there are three hidden triangles that occasionally have lights glimmer across them.

Inside of a box on the opposite side of the room from Zurg in the final scene. You must hit the circle to make the target pop out of the box.

5. Shoot at Emperor Zurg’s Chest  because it is worth 50,000 points! This target is unmarked and is in the first and last room of the attraction.


Next, we ended up in Adventureland where we ate lunch at the Bengal Barbecue and rode the Indiana Jones Adventure. 

After, we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Haunted Mansion. 

Lastly in  Disneyland, we ended up in Fantasyland and explored one of my favorites, Toon Town. 

Next up on the agenda was Disney’s California Adventure! We started off at Paradise Pier and rode California Screamin’ – and wow did I scream. Then we headed over to Toy Story Midway Mania to battle each other in this interactive ride. 

We ended our day in Cars Land. A tip of mine is to always save this for last because it is absolutely beautiful at night. I rode the Radiator Springs Racers, but I did single rider because it cut the wait time in more than half. Still enjoyable!

Sadly this amazing day had to come to an end, but I cannot wait to visit again!

Get this look:

Shoes are Converse

Shirt and flannel from Garage 

Jeans from Hollister


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