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Warm Colors on a Bright Day!

Even though the colors weren’t that bright this year due to the warm weather, I was still able to find some yellow trees in the Boston Commons to take a few pics in front of! The scarf just screams fall and I absolutely love wearing it on days that are too warm for a coat, but too cold to walk outside with just a sweater. 

This sweater is so warm and elegant – perfect for a day at work, a stroll through the park, or even can easily turn into a “night out” look for a nice dinner!

Also, love when you accidentally #twin with your BFF! 

Get this look:

Boots from Macy’s, brand is Aerosoles

Jeans from Hollister

Sweater from Abercrombie and Fitch

Necklace from Lucky Brand

Purse from Madewell

Scarf from Primark


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