A Year in the Life, Winter

A Year in the Life Pt. 13


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The first month of 2018 was very stressful, so I used a calming song so I can watch it to relax. I moved back into school and it took a bit to settle into the second semester. On the bright side, I’m working on a bunch of school productions! In the past, I’ve mainly focused on the production side of things, but this semester I wanted to try something new. I am the host for a few shows, cast for Survivor Boston, and writing for a couple on-campus magazines! P.S. I’m still the segment producer for one show – I just can’t stay away. 

Wash Away (Reprise) – Joe Purdy


One thing I’ve learned this month

Trust. No. One. – I have a problem with trusting people too quickly and I need to learn how to control that. I tend to let everyone in when they show some sort of interest in me (I don’t just mean romantically). To avoid this I am going to keep to myself, while still trying to remain social. As Skipper once said, “Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave”. 


One thing I aim to improve on in the month of February

Makeup – Yup. Makeup. It’s a way to destress! Before the day or night begins, it is always relaxing to sit down with some music on and do my makeup. Even though I am not bad,  I want to get better at it and start practicing on other people. 




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