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Bringing Back the 90s


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60º… FINALLY! @xime_del and I had a pre class picnic today and wow was it well needed during finals week. We grabbed some Boloco and enjoyed the long awaited sunshine! The essays, studying, and stress can wait 

Nostalgia is taking over fashion this season, so I felt it was appropriate to wear a denim skirt with a striped cropped top. I felt courageous to do denim on denim since I’ve never done this before, but I feel it paid off as it is still a bit windy outside. 

The floral pattern on the skirt drew my attention immediately and I just had to get it. This outfit has such a 90s vibe to it so jamming out to throwbacks and “tanning” in the sun was a day well spent! Hoping for more sunny days like today in the near future, but what can you really expect from New England?  

Shop this look:

Shoes – Converse

Skirt – Abercrombie and Fitch

Jacket – American Eagle

Shirt – Lord & Taylor; Design Lab



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