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Steps to Graduation – Step 1: Prom (x2)


Now that “senior week” is over and I’ve graduated, blog posts from one of the best weeks ever are to come! The next few posts specifically are going to be from what is known as “senior week” – a week where the whole grade gets together and celebrates all 12 years of school as one. 

Step 1: Prom (x2)

I went to two proms this year and wore the same dress because… why not? The dresses are all so expensive and different people are going to see the look. I got my dress from David’s Bridal and absolutely love it. 


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Although I wore the same dress to both proms, I decided to change my hair style for the two for at least a little difference in look (you know for all the Instagram pictures). 

Prom 1: For the first prom I attended, I decided to go with an up-do to show the intricate back. I had two french braids done on each side, pulled back into a ponytail with straight hair.  

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Prom 2: To change the look slightly, I wore my hair down with large curls and two waterfall braids that connected in the back. Take a look!

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The first two events of the week leading up to graduation were both fantastic! Here are some pictures from both nights!

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