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Steps to Graduation – Step 2: The Old Mill


Step 2: The Old Mill

To celebrate my graduation (and my sister’s engagement ☺), we took a family trip to one of our favorite restaurants – The Old Mill. Located on 69 State Rd E, Westminster, MA 01473, this restaurant has many options to choose from! My favorite is their Sunday buffet. This is a brunch style buffet that has everything from eggs to steak! I personally think the corn fritters are to die for. I can never have enough of them. After enjoying endless amounts of food, bread is given to feed the ducks (with ducks being my favorite animal, this is obviously exciting to me). Also, there is a wooded path to explore! Take a look at pictures from the next step to graduation. 

Get the look:

Sandals are Macy’s, brand is Rampage 

Shorts are Abercrombie and Fitch

Shirt from Anthropologie (I snagged it for only $7!!!)

Here’s the link for The Old Mill if you wish to check it out!

The Old Mill



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