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The Summer Weather We’ve all Been Waiting For!

Got to enjoy my first beach day earlier this week! I went to Second Beach in Rhode Island and the weather was absolutely amazing. Personally,  90+º when I’m at the beach is too hot for me, but it was around 80º, and I was perfectly comfortable. Although the sun didn’t seem overbearing, I still managed to get a lovely sunburn. Image result for frown emoji

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I wore this lovely dress cover-up shown above and it matched my suit with the hint of burgundy. Also, if you couldn’t already tell from my Instagram, I am obsessed with this bathing suit. It outlines your figure so successfully and is extremely comfortable to lay out in the sun or for a walk along the beach. 

Below is a more detailed look at the suit!

In addition to this, I started to read the book, Why Men Love Bitches, by Sherry Argov and it is everything you need to know about picking up a man, and  keeping him. If you need advice on dating or feel you have been “too nice” to a man in the past, I highly recommend. The tips and tricks in the book honestly work in real life. Amazing read! 

Shop this look:

Why Men Love Bitches – Barnes & Noble

Bathing suit and hat – Abercrombie

Cover-up – Boutique in Cali (was a long time ago, so I don’t remember, sorry!)









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