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Quarantine With Christine: Easy Steps to Better Yourself


Life at the moment couldn’t be weirder. This whole quarantine thing has done a lot for me, good and bad. About a month ago I had just moved out to LA to pursue my dreams in the entertainment industry and this has left me out here struggling, without work. It has given me a lack of motivation on so many levels and has created an environment for myself that makes it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning. Almost impossible to shower. To eat. To exercise. To do anything that would be considered productive, even in the slightest. It has gotten to a point where I believed that painting my nails meant I was pushing myself.

I just started a new chapter of my life and now I feel as though it was suddenly taken away from me. Am I being dramatic? Obviously. I always am. But I flew out to LA with countless opportunities ahead of me and now my savings are getting sucked out of my bank account faster than I can say “f*** my life”. This sudden shift of normality has eliminated the small source of energy my depressive ass had so now I feel like I am starting from square one.

I realize that this is a personal struggle and my unmotivated tendencies are rooted in my own mental health issues, but I am working each day to do something productive and to improve on myself. There won’t be any change if I don’t become active to change something, right?

To expand on last week’s Instagram caption and to focus on the positive, here are new goals I have made to ensure I stay as productive as an unemployed recent grad can be:

1. Learn how to cook something new everyday


Everyone keeps saying that quarantine is the best time to learn something new right? Well, for me, that’s in the kitchen. Even if it’s as small as learning how to not burn your cookies (learned the hard way already), it’s a step in the right direction.

2. Make friendship bracelets


In other words, continue to enjoy or learn a new hobby. For me, making friendship bracelets while watching TV before I sleep is the best way to destress after a long day.  Find something that works for yourself! Who knows what you might end up loving!

3. Drink tea daily


I personally am not a huge coffee drinker, so naturally, I grew to love tea. My favorite kind of tea is the Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler and Herbal Tea Sampler. You just get a little bit of everything!

4. Find a workout that works and stick to it


Yeah, this one is a struggle for me 9/10 times. But the 1 time that I actually workout, I feel as though I can tackle the rest of the day easily. That doesn’t mean all of a sudden, wake up at 7AM and go for a 5 mile run. Start small! That’s what I’m doing and as a result, I’m instilling a sense of routine as well as building up endurance and strength for tougher exercises in the future. Right now, I am starting with short 15 minute runs and 15 minute ab workouts around 10:30AM. Since this seems like a smaller workout, it becomes easier for my mind to wrap around physically getting up in the morning instead of staying on TikTok until noon. Create a starting workout that fits you and set goals you can achieve. Next week I am going to try and challenge myself more!

5. Decorate my new apartment


Since I just moved literally across the country, having the time to furnish my new apartment has been a great silver lining during quarantine. If you already have a fully furnished home, reorganizing is a great substitution. If everything is just perfect, try crafting or completing a DIY project!

6. Get up and dressed in the morning


This could arguably be the most important thing on this list! It’s all about your mindset. Personally, I hate showering. Before you say anything, I still shower, I just hate getting wet (I know I’m weird). But actually showering first thing in the morning or right after a workout has boosted my energy. To help keep me awake all day, I am trying to get dressed, including hair and makeup. I can’t take a nap if I’m dressed to impress right? Being confident in what you are wearing and how you look can naturally help you focus and act productive. That being said, that is specifically what works for me. If you like showering at night, keep at it! It’s about creating an environment that will help you succeed.

7. Reflect on the week


Recently, I have been trying to set aside time in my planner every week to reflect on myself. This is SO cliché, but even a few bullet points can help you keep track of your improvements. The want to improve should not overshadow the love for yourself that you have. The improvements you make and the goals that you set should be a way of seeing how with reflecting, you can be the best version of yourself.

8. Write and blog more


If this isn’t your thing, then find something that will help you further succeed after this whole quarantine thing is over. Create the best environment for yourself now so it can be as smooth as possible when you’re thrown back into a “normal” life, whatever that is. For me, that is writing, blogging, and improving on my social media presence as well as continuously networking, so afterwards I can enter the industry as prepared as possible.

9. This one was the hardest to actually do, but finally make TikToks to pass the time.


When I say the “hardest to actually do”, I mean that I kept telling myself that I was going to do one, then would procrastinate or feel as though I didn’t want to put in the effort of looking like an actual human, so I simply would watch TV instead. This sounds so weird to actually say out loud (or type), but TikTok has helped me actually become creative again. Even though I use trends, it has allowed me to come up with my own spin on typical content.

The most important thing to remember about TikTok is that even though your “For You” page advertises extremely attractive people, do not let it get to your confidence level. This was extremely difficult for me and is definitely easier said than done, but I try and acknowledge my individuality and truly use the app FOR FUN. It’s a fun app that was made for creative content. Forget about the number of views your videos get and enjoy creating!

Making this list has allowed myself to open up and reflect on the depressive state I have been in recently. I encourage you to create a small list of ways that will ensure you put yourself first this week. Self-care is crucial during these times!

Baby steps, but we’ll get there.♥️




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