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Quarantine With Christine: Learning How to Adult


Let’s face it, adulting is hard. It goes from having everything set up for you: classes, housing, your schedule, etc. to feeling confused and scared of the future. It’s hard not knowing what’s coming next. 

Personally, I have dreams that most people will say are unrealistic, but I have decided to follow them anyways. 😂I have no idea what I’m eating for dinner tonight, never-mind knowing what job I will have to sustain myself while I dedicate my time to my goals… but I’m working on it. 

College on its own should’ve had a class devoted to teaching students how to adult. Like why am I taking something called “Ethics of Lying” when I could be learning how to properly budget or even file my taxes (thanks dad for helping out on that one, love u♥️)! 

I have been truly “adulting” for two months now and have learned a lot during this short amount of time. So, here are my somewhat obvious, but necessary tips from me to you on how to adult.  


Do Not Overwater Your Plants 


First and foremost, I need to start off by admitting that I’m a plant murderer. In the past two months, I have managed to kill 4 plants. Record breaking, I know. BUT, the lone survivor is the cherry tomato plant – I even have two growing! In my defense, the others just looked really thirsty, but apparently overwatering a plant is a thing. You need to stick your finger in the soil and see if it’s wet. If it is, don’t water it. If it’s dry, water it! It’s that simple and has changed the game.

Drink Enough Water


Moving to L.A. has made me realize how little water I drink in comparison to how much I should be drinking. Drinking enough water throughout the day leaves you with more energy to tackle your To-Do List. 

Have a Budgeting Spreadsheet


Something that I have really realized lately is that… life… is… expensive. There are so many little expenses that I promise you won’t think about. I have two spreadsheets: one for monthly expenses and one for daily expenses so I can keep track of everything. I haven’t been keeping up with it during quarantine because I haven’t been spending as much, but it really helped when I first came out here!

Cooking Ain’t That Bad


Learning how to cook has been my favorite quarantine activity and is necessary to fully feel like an adult (in my opinion). Me a year ago would’ve never said this but, cooking isn’t as bad as I thought. There’s something in eating what you made yourself that just feels so good. That does not mean at all that some nights I get lazy and just order take-out or make a frozen meal, but some of my favorite times during quarantine is when I’m talking to my mom and having her teach me how to cook via Facetime! 

Own a Planner


I am so incredibly thankful that I bought a planner before moving to LA. It is simply my life. I have color coordinated pens for different topics and it really has kept me sane and organized with everything on a day to day basis. My planner has helped me create a routine for myself and I highly suggest having one when you start adulting.

Keep Track of What You Have


Keeping a grocery/ errand list is crucial for myself when it comes to staying afloat while living alone! I personally use Google Keep to stay organized. I mean, the last thing you want is to use the last of your shampoo and not have another bottle… especially in quarantine. 

Phone Reminders


Adulting requires a lot of bill payments and you have to remember to pay them on time. I’m basically Dory when it comes memory loss and there are so many different accounts to remember to pay, so setting a reminder on my phone that goes off monthly, helps me stay off top of it!

When you start truly learning how to become an adult, you begin to realize how much it takes to survive on your own. I’m still learning each day on how to improve and sustain myself out here, but I hope these small tips help you start off on the right foot. 


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