Quarantine With Christine: Random Things You Need on Your Desk To Make it a Peaceful Workspace



For all but essential workers, quarantine has forced our lifestyle to be “work from home” centered. Blogging has always caught my eye because of the ability to work from anywhere, especially home! I started this blog back in 2014 as a hobby and am dedicated to make it more than that.

This means my new apartment needs to feel like a workspace and stay homy at the same time because, well, I live in it. I have compacted a list of random things you need on your desk to help you create an environment that’s both productive and relaxing.

A Candle


Having a nice smelling candle lit while working just calms me down while I work! The ones I have right now are the Southern California scent from Homesick and P.F. Candle Co.’s Lavender scent. 

Lemon Water

If you’ve been following me on anything, you would know that I have started drinking a lot of lemon water. I find it hard to stay hydrated so this helps me keep energy throughout the day!

A Coaster


Don’t laugh at me. The last thing I need to stress me out is a stain from the cold drinks condensation. 

A Plant

So mine died pretty quickly, but it was great while it lasted! It just made the overall environment brighter and calming. Maybe I should just get a succulent?

Sticky Notes

I always have sticky notes at hand while I work to jot down ideas that I think I will remember, but realistically won’t. Really comes in handy when I run out of content!

A Jar Filled With Colored Pens

Color coordinating my To-Do List has been a life saver! Identifying what kinds of tasks are on the list each day helps my mind organize what goals I need to set and how I can be productive. My jar was actually a candle from P.F. Candle Co. and thought it was too nice to throw away!

I personally feel as though having a minimalistic and organized desk has helped me stay focused and motivated to work. I placed my desk near a window so I wasn’t staring at a dark wall all day, but you do you!

Check this link for my TikTok on how I set up my desk. Ignore the sound I chose for it – it was one of my first TikToks!! 



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