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Reminder of a Sunny Day on a Rainy One

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Just trying to shed some light on a gloomy day...

Let me just tell you guys that today was rough and long, and I cannot for it wait to end. Let’s just say it was not the way I was expecting to spend my first day back from break.

Well, on a rainy day like this one, I would like to take the time to reminisce on old times where the day was simply sunnier. And that would be about three weeks ago. Sometimes spontaneous adventures like this one are memories that will last forever! A few friends and I started off by going to the MFA and spending a peaceful time pondering amazing artwork.

As you can tell by the pictures, they were taken while the leaves were still changing. It was a beautiful autumn day and we knew we needed to take advantage of that! We ended up taking a walk in the Back Bay Fens park and it was so scenic. Perfect Insta opp. After dozens of people gave us judgy looks regarding our mini photoshoot, we stumbled upon a middle school soccer game and just had to stay and watch. I know this seems childish, but it was just what we needed: a way to relax, enjoy the nice weather, and get our minds off of things. When life isn’t going the way you want it to, look back on days that made you happy. It’ll give you the necessary reminder that everything will be okay. I am trying to do this at the moment to stay calm and even though I remain in a panicked state, believe me, it helps!

Shop this look:

Booties – DSW

Jeans – Abercrombie and Fitch

Top – Lucky Brand

Scarf – Nordstrom

Jacket – Nordstrom, brand is Laundry


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