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15 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Read more to see how to make your leftovers into easy and delicious meals!

As you all already know, I am no chef, but I am a pro at finding recipes worth making. No matter how hungry your family is after inhaling the Thanksgiving feast, there will for sure be some food leftover. Well thankfully, there are plenty of meals that are easy to follow that you can make with what you didn’t finish from Thanksgiving dinner!

1. Turkey Pot Pie


Turkey Pot Pie allows you to throw whatever you didn’t finish into one dish. The recipe has specific instructions, but feel free to add your own ingredients! 

2. Thanksgiving Leftover Hand Pies 


This is the perfect snack that you can easily adjust when making! Make sure to add a side of cranberry sauce or gravy for dipping 🙂

3. Turkey Frittata


After the hard work put into the Thanksgiving meal, you’re probably looking for something simple to make for breakfast the next morning. Well, a turkey frittata will feed and satisfy your entire family!  

4. Turkey Chili


This may look intimidating at first with the abundance of ingredients necessary, but turkey chili is surprisingly easy and only takes 15 minutes to prep! 

5. Thanksgiving Panini


This is the perfect way to get the Thanksgiving flavors all in one bite! For picky eaters like myself, making a leftover sandwich is a great opportunity to add exactly what you want to have. 

6. Cranberry-Carrot Muffins


Who said that meals are the only way of using leftovers? These cranberry-carrot muffins make for a delicious dessert or breakfast treat. 

7. Turkey Soup 


The turkey is usually what has the most leftover, at least in my family. This twist on homemade chicken noodle soup is a great way to use up some of the excess in a wonderful warm hearty meal!

8. Thanksgiving Leftovers Croque Madame


The Thanksgiving Leftovers Croque Madame | @hbharvest


In the mood for a taste of France? This Thanksgiving leftovers croque madame will for sure do the trick!

9. Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pizza


Turkey and BBQ Cranberry Sauce Pizza | Recipe Runner | Use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sauce in this amazing BBQ pizza!

If you have to entertain a large group of people again, or just want to devour a whole pizza by yourself (no shame in that), click on the recipe above. Cranberry sauce makes for a unusually delightful topping paired with turkey! Trust me with this one. 

10. Sweet-Potato Spoon Bread with Caramel-Pecan Topping


sweet potato spoon bread with caramel pecan topping


YUM. Just looking at this picture makes me go Image result for heart eye emoji pngImage result for heart eye emoji pngImage result for heart eye emoji pngImage result for heart eye emoji png. Enough said about this one, moving on. 

11. Creamy Turkey and Noodles Recipe



A leftover casserole allows for a second day lunch for the entire family! Additionally, this can be easily reheated for days to follow.  

12. Potato Croquettes


These little bit-sized croquettes can be paired with gravy or cranberry sauce and are a great way to use up the leftover mashed potatoes!

13. Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Sandwich 


I didn’t believe it myself, but after tasting it, I can confirm that marshmallow and sweet potato is a 10/10 delight. Must try!

14. Thanksgiving Ring



Like the panini, you will get the full Thanksgiving experience in each bite. This is also a beautiful dish that will for sure get those likes on Insta! 

15. Turkey Cranberry Brie Grilled Cheese



Last, but not least, a leftover grilled cheese will for sure make your belly happy! Brie is my all time favorite cheese, so this is just a mouth watering meal for me in general. 


These are my top 15 favorite ways of using leftovers. Let me know what your favorite dish is! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is amazing! 



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