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Easy & Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Motivate yourself to get up in the morning by making this easy & healthy strawberry banana smoothie!🍓🍌During COVID, I made this smoothie just about every morning – it was a part of my routine. Ever since I wasn’t locked up in a tiny studio by myself, I haven’t been up for making one, but this week I felt motivated. I used to use a frozen mixed berry mix (which is still a great substitution for just strawberries), but I wanted to switch it up a bit – and it was delicious. Great way to get your morning started without caffeine!

Watch to see the step-by-step in the videos below:



Ingredients – Serving Size: 1 Glass

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 whole banana

4 tbsp. vanilla yogurt


Prep Time ≈ 5 mins

Cook time ≈ 10 mins

Total Time ≈ 15 mins


Step 1 – Add frozen strawberries to a blender.

Step 2 – Add banana to the blender. (I suggest breaking it with your hands first for easy blending)

Step 3 – Add yogurt to the blender.

Step 4 – Add enough water to the blender until all ingredients are covered.

Step 5 – Blend ingredients together on “smoothie” until smooth.

Such an easy recipe with simple ingredients! What’s your favorite kind of smoothie?

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