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If Christmas And Hanukkah Were People We All Knew


I found this video fitting for this time of year. It demonstrates how under appreciated Hanukkah truly is, in such a hilarious way! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Even though this clip is found on YouTube, I originally discovered this of Huff Post. Here’s the link: 

Huff Post – If Christmas And Hanukkah Were People We All Knew




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Love is in the Air!


If you want a change from the stereotypical flowers, chocolate, and expensive dinner, here’s my top 10 ideas that will be enjoyable and different from your everyday cliché date. 

1. Cooking together

Don’t want to go out? Then stay at home! Especially out on the East Coast, the snowstorm isn’t giving us many options. When you can’t go out for dinner, stay at home and cook together! By doing this, you spend less money and get to know each other better. To end the dinner, bake a delicious Valentine’s day themed dessert!

2. Picnic

If cooking is not your forte, create a simple picnic! This is a very cheap idea that can go a long way! If it is too cold outside or live where there is snow, this is still possible. Just create an indoor picnic (maybe near the fireplace!) and enjoy each other’s company. 

3. Recreate your first date

If you two have been together for a while, this idea shows a lot of thought. By recreating your first date, you remember amazing first memories and strengthen your bond for new ones to come!

4. Brunch

If you are looking to go out somewhere, but don’t have a ton of money to spend, brunch is a great way of showing your love, but not breaking the bank! Enjoy a nice omelette (or whatever suites you) and start off your day with an amazing brunch.

5. Mini golfing

If you live in an area with warm weather, a little friendly competition while mini golfing is the perfect date idea! Mini golfing allows for a casual date for ones who haven’t been together for long, but also is perfect for couples who have been dating for a while.

6. Ice skating

For couples who live around cold weather, ice skating is the way to go. Holding hands while enjoying this winter activity can strengthen your bond!

7. Spell it out

“Spell it out” is a little sort of game that is an effective way to show your affection for someone. Just put a clue somewhere for your girl/boyfriend that leads to a wonderful surprise!

8. Rent a movie

Still stuck inside? Then rent a movie and cuddle at someone’s house enjoying the blizzard. Try out a new movie that both of you haven’t seen, or surprise your girl/boyfriend with their favorite movie. 

9. Museum 

Strolling around an art museum can be as much fun as anything else sometimes. By doing this, you can even learn a few new things about each other. 🙂

10. Take a long walk together

Lastly, pick your favorite hangout area or a new park to take a romantic long walk. This way you two can just talk about anything and simply enjoy each other’s company. 

Remember to dig deep into what the one that you love likes and try to please him/ her.  Be spontaneous! Valentine’s Day isn’t ALL about the flowers and chocolates, but is also about showing how much you love one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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My New Years Eve look!


Happy New Year!

Appreciate 2014 and celebrate 2015! 

Going to a NYE party and I have to look my best! Obviously sparkles is a must for New Year’s Eve, so I chose a navy dress to show a wintry side that has silver sparkles on it! 

Due to the silver sparkles, I went with all silver jewelry and a silver (and sparkly 🙂 ) headband. As for shoes, I wore my silver flats that are topped off with a silver (of course) buckle. 

What I love most about this dress are the little details. The shoulder and back is lacy, which balances out the sparkles. 

Since it’s cold outside, I have to prepare for the worst weather, so I added an off-white scarf and a navy jacket! The scarf compliments the dress perfectly and the jacket matches the dress while giving me a warm and cozy look. 

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Hope everyone has a NYE filled with friends and family!

Get this look:

Flats, rings, necklace, and earrings from Macy’s

Dress from American Eagle

Bracelet from Lord and Taylor

Scarf, headband, and jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch

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Resolutions for the New Year!


So with 2014 coming to an end, it’s resolution time! Below, check out these amazing articles I found on Huffington Post about easy New Year’s resolutions everyone should have. They are easy, but will make for a happier, more successful year!

10 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Achieve

8 Moves to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!


The articles above inspired my resolution. 


 I don’t want to decide now what I want to accomplish for the year because from experience, life changes in a split second. I want to reduce my anxiety and to accomplish this, I am going to take this year step by step. Every month, I am going to write down in a notebook a list of what I want to accomplish for that month and do everything needed to accomplish those goals. This way, I will become happier everyday because I will constantly feel successful by accomplishing little goals, but more of them. The key is that after the month ends, I will continue the goal throughout the whole year. By doing this, I will accomplish my New Years resolution and finally


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If you have any resolutions you would like to share, feel free to comment below and I hope everyone appreciates the ending of 2014 as the beginning of 2015 approaches!

Hope everyone’s Christmas is merry and bright!


You cannot be anymore in the Christmas spirit then with PJ’s detailed with little Christmas trees and reindeer (if you look closely there are even tiny penguins!). Also, even though the blue isn’t the “Christmas color”, the plaid surely gives that cozy, Christmas feel. 

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. -Burton Hillis

Red bottoms from Abercrombie and Fitch

Slippers and plaid top and bottom from Gilly Hicks 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas shared with loved ones!


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Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!


Perfect look for church! The coat adds classiness and the colors scream Christmas! 

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Hope you all have a great holiday! 🙂 

Shoes are Uggs

Socks from Bath and Body Works 

Leggings from Hollister

Shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch

Scarf and coat from Macy’s 

Necklace from Lucky

Sitting by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa,

devouring a delicious Bûche de Noël,

and enjoying the best company truly made a memorable Christmas Eve!

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Last mall day before Christmas! (I promise)


Okay, I know I go to the mall A LOT, but the Christmas decorations are just so eye- catching! For the Christmas spirit, I wore all red, white, and gold 🙂 The buttons on my red shirt matched the gold jewelry that I wore and the little gold jewels on my headband. Also, the white legwarmers went perfectly with the white headband. Love this look!

Nothing can compare to Christmas joy in the air

Boots from Macy’s, brand is Guess

Leg warmers from Payless

Jeans and scarf from Abercrombie and Fitch

Purse and jewelry from Lucky

Headband from American Eagle 

Shirt from Charming Charlie

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All of the holiday flavors in one cookie!


Here is a mouth watering recipe for hot chocolate cookies (yes, this does exist!) 🙂 Topped with marshmallows and mixed with a Christmas favorite, peppermint candy canes, this holiday delight is sure to please and put everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Click for the recipe below:

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Cookies

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Cozy way to spend the day in Boston during the holiday season!


Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day in Boston. Last time I went, only Quincy Market was set for the holiday season, but since Christmas day is around the corner, Boston was a spectacular sight surrounded by lights, trees, stars, and snowflakes! Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve been been to the Boston Commons during Christmas and it was definitely worth the trip (and the abundance of walking)! 

To put up with the cold weather, I made sure to bundle up 🙂 

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